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Continuing with Where to Go, What to See ... we head to the Upper Ridge area of Magalia, Stirling City, and Inskip. Plus check out Paradise Ridge pioneer cemeteries.

 The Upper Ridge

Leaving the Town of Paradise visit Old Magalia, the Paradise Irrigation Plant below the Magalia Reservoir Dam, and the Paradise Pines Owners Association Recreation Center on Wyclif Way off Skyway. The POA center has a pool (not open to the public) and sponsors many activities. From here you can access the Upper Ridge nature trails.

This rustic 100 year old building is the Stirling City Hotel located at 16975 Skyway. Owned by Charlotte Hilgeman, she operates the hotel as a bed & breakfast, restaurant, and country store (supplying drinks & ice cream). The rooms are individually decorated with family heirlooms and other collected antiques, such as the bar in the dining area. Click here for more on Stirling City.

 Six miles north of Stirling City is the Inskip Hotel. The old hotel named Kelly & Company was purchased by John Stokes in 1866 and renamed Stokes Hotel. It was destroyed by fire in 1868 and rebuilt. It was probably then when it was renamed Inskip. A local legend is that the fire was arson and that a "resident ghost" named Charley is still looking for the arsonist. The hotel and acouple buildings are all that remain of this bustling community. Since 1975, the hotel has been listed in the National Register of Historical Places.

Pioneer Cemeteries

The Paradise Cemetery is located at 980 Elliott Road, between Skyway & Clark Road. Some maps may show a cemetery located on Roe Road in lower Paradise. This is a 36-acre piece of land owned by the Paradise Cemetery District and is currently being rented out. This is where you will find llamas grazing.

Newly developed is Skyway Memorial Park cemetery, mausoleum, and columbarium, in Old Magalia at 13686 Skyway, (530) 876-8000. The Magalia Cemetery is located a block away across the road.

Other Pioneer Cemeteries:

+Magalia Cemetery, located on Magalia Cemetery Road off Old Skyway in Magalia. The older section is near the back.
+Coutolenc Cemetery, turn left on Coutolenc Road off Skyway in Lovelock for about 1.8 miles, twisting downhill. When you reach the open neadow area, turn left onto Hupp-Coutolenc Road, a gravel road about .1 mile and go left up Coutolenc Cemetery Road, which appears as private road. There is a residence next to the cemetery. You can also reach the cemetery by taking Coutolenc Road at the signal light on Skyway in Magalia, or taking Hupp-Coutolenc Road (rocky-dirt road) off Skyway.
+Nimshew Cemetery, turn left off Skyway on Nimshew Road. Go about 1 1/2 miles to Cemetery Road. A small sign is high on a tree. Turn right for about 1/2 mile to cemetery on hill. Road is narrow.
+Toadtown Cemetery, gravesite of James N. Allen. Turn at red fence off Skyway. Then turn at first right and on up to split rail fence.
+Lovelock-Gangloff Cemetery, take Lovelock Road just past the Lovelock Inn to Alonzo Court, 1.6 miles off Skyway. Park at the gray gate, walk down road, take right fork to cemetery.
+Stirling City Cemetery located at the end of Mica Street, about 1 1/2 miles off Skyway. A clean, well-kept cemetery.
+Inskip Pioneer Cemetery is a tough one to find. All gravemarkers are gone, few rocks in the pine needles mark some of the gravesites. A marker reads "Inskip Pioneer Cemetery. Those who rest here are known only to God." A barbwire fence fences off the cemetery grounds, about 1/2 acre. It's located 1.1 miles on the 70-B line logging road, at Powellton Road off Skyway.
+Centerville Cemetery located in Butte Creek Canyon in Centerville.
+Clear Creek Cemetery, south of Paradise off Clark Road approximately 1 1/2 miles on Clear Creek Cemetery Road. This cemetery has an interesting history.


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