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From visiting the Gold Nugget Museum, browsing thru interesting gift and antique shops, enjoying parks and nature, participating in reereation activities to researching family history at pioneer cemeteries, one will find an abundance of Things to See and Do on the Paradise Ridge.

 Paradise Gold Nugget Museum

 Begin exploring the Paradise Ridge with a visit to the Gold Nugget Museum at 502 Pearson Road, (530) 872-8722. Admission is free. The museum is open from Wednesday through Sunday, 12 pm to 4 pm. It features historical artifacts from the local Paradise Ridge area in a number in interesting cubical and free-standing displays; and Nuggetville, an outdoor exhibit which recreates an Old Western town, including Wells Fargo Bank, one-room School House, and a covered bridge across the grounds creek. Adjacent to and part of the museum grounds is Memorial Park where a number of events are held associated with the museum.

+Dogtown Hotel & Saloon - Bar, player piano, and bottles.
+The Post Office - Tools and materials used by postal employees, donated by the Post Office.
+The Research Room - The Research Room contains books and articles about local history and the subjects contained in the museum exhibits, and much more.
+The Dolls - Donated as an entire collection in 1987 from the Faye Jones Estate, this display contains only a few of hundreds of dolls in the collection.
+The Runabout - This 19xx Runabout was restored by the mechanical arts students at Chico State University and is permanently on loan to the museum.
+The Gold Mine - Made of plaster and is intended to give some sense of the atmosphere in an underground mine. The mining equipment outside the mine is all from local operations.
+The Assay Office - This exhibit, as was the Gold Mine, created by Paradise resident John Gardner, with figures assembled by him.
+The School House - A one-room school house was the norm in the 1800's. Originally an inside exhibit, the newly built school house on the museum grounds is an integral part of the museum's Living History programs for the schools and the community.
+Gun Cabinets - Includes rifles and pistols that have been used in the United States from the early 1800's until WW I, many of them being donated by the Bleyhl family in 1985.
+Indian Exhibits - From the Maidu tribes who preceded the white man on the Ridge, this exhibit contains baskets, arrow points and fish-net weights, as well as mortars and pestles. One mortar was unearthed during the museum construction.
+The Gift Shop - Don't leave without a book, souvenir, an old-fashioned toy, or candy from the museum gift shop.

 Paradise Genealogical Society & Library

For genealogy buffs a visit to the Paradise Genealogical Society & Library located at 5587 Scottwood Road (off Pearson), (530) 877-2330, is a must. Even if you're not researching your family roots, the library is one of the largest in the North State.

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