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Over 300 Amateur "Ham" Radio operators live on the Ridge along with CB and Scanning enthusiasts all enjoying the world of personal communications.

Morse Key  Amateur "Ham" Radio

Paradise Ridge hams get together for a breakfast meet Saturdays, 7 to 9 am at the Cozy Diner Restaurant, 6371 Skyway. For information call (530) 873-4440.

The Golden Empire Amateur Radio Society is the area's radio club and meets in Chico. If you have an interest in getting your ham radio license contact GEARS or visit the website of the ARRL-American Radio Relay Leaque.

Area ham radio repeaters:

+145.310 / 110.9 / KI6ND Chico
+146.850 / 110.9 / W6RHC GEARS Chico
+146.940 / 100.0 / W6ECE Cohasset ARA
+147.300 / 141.3 / K6NP Chico (Pioneer Repeater Network)
+147.975 / 110.9 / N6TZG Chico
+224.260 / 110.9 / KI6ND Chico
+440.650 / 110.9 / W6RHC Chico
+440.900 / 110.9 / KA6SUY Butte County Comm Reserve
+441.400 / 110.9 / WB6RHC Chico
+442.355 / 100.0 / WB6JKZ Chico
+442.775 / 110.9 / KI6ND Chico

For the DX'er the DX PacketCluster node is on 145.670, callsign K6EL located in Chico. If unable to connect direct, connect to DXC.

Our directory of Paradise Ridge Amateur "Ham" Licenses has been replaced by a direct search/listing of the QRZ.COM FCC Database. Click on callsign on list for detailed information of licensee.

 Scanning the Ridge

Many enjoy keeping in tune with what's happening in the community around them, especially during the summers to keep abreast of fire conditions. These are the popular area frequencies for scanner enthusiasts.

+Butte County Local Government 155.940
     Search & Rescue, Animal Control, Building Inspectors, STARS, BCSO
+Butte County Fire & CDF 151.400
+Butte County Fire & CDF Net 154.190
+Butte County Road Department 151.055
+Butte County Sheriff 154.725/155.415
+CalCord Mutual Aid 154.280
+Pacific Gas & Electric 153.650
+Paradise Airport 122.800
+Paradise Elementary School District 151.895/464.975
+Paradise Feather River Hospital 151.865/461.800
+Paradise Fire 153.950/154.190
+Paradise Parks & Recreation 159.450
+Paradise Police 155.715/154.085
+Paradise Unified School District 463.325

NOAA Weather Cast for the area is broadcast from Southfork Mtn. near Redding on 162.550 but is not, unfortunately, received well in the area. The broadcast from the Sacramento area is received depending on location and antenna.

 Citizen Band Scene

REACT - Radio Emergency Action Communication Team is an active group using CB radio (and other communication means) to help in emergency situations and public events. The REACT C-267 Chapter can be contacting Grant Johnston, Publicity Coordinator, Box 6057, Chico, CA 95927.

Channel 13 and Channel 22 are two popular channels used by CB operators in the area.


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