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The Skyway Jug Man
The anonymous person who lined Skyway below Paradise with gallon water jugs helping many a overheated motorist, known only as Mr. Jug, placed his last jugs in Spring 1998. Due age and health, Mr. Jug retired. His name? Frank Stevens, age 76.

Huge Apple Pies & Cakes
A Guinness Book of Records apple pie was baked and served in 1972 at the Johnny Appleseed Day festival. The pie was made from 900 lbs of apples, sugar and spices, and 100 lbs of pie dough. It was 10 feet in diameter and weighed 950 pounds. Creator of this pie was Ed Martinez head baker at the Paradise Safeway Store. In 1973 the festival featured an 850 pound apple sauce cake, which in 1974 was topped by a 1000 pound cake which was 6 feet high and had a base of 4 by 8 feet.

M*A*S*H TV Star
Former TV star Gary Burghoff, actor who played "Radar O'Reilly" in M*A*S*H, is a wildlife artist and a Paradise Ridge resident.

54-lb Gold Nugget Discovery
It was on the Ridge on the West Branch of the Feather River near Magalia where, on April 12, 1859, the largest gold nugget weighing in at 54 lbs was discovered.

Last Chance Mine Rescue
Two brothers made headlines following a 12-hour rescue from a 150 foot shaft of the abandoned Last Chance mine in Paradise Pines on January 25, 1994.

President Clinton's Half-Brother
President Bill Clinton's half-brother, Leon Ritzenthaler, is a resident of Paradise.

Tiffany Brissette, a Small Wonder
Tiffany Brissette, born December 1974 in Paradise, is a TV-star having acted in both commercials and a syndicated TV series. Her commercials helped sell everything from OJ to Care Bears, even a Jell-O Puddin' Pops commercial with Bill Cosby. TV roles included her debut as Kathy in ABC's Webster and as Vicki (Voice Input Child Indenticant), the human little girl robot in Small Wonder. She also had a part in the movie Heart Like A Wheel.

Olympic Medal Winner
Susan DeMattei, finalist in many NORBA Championship cross-country mountain bicyle competitions and Olympic Bronze Medal winner, was a former RN at Feather River Hospital.

Hot Story in Life Magazine
An 11-page story in Life magazine April 26, 1963, reads "Hell Breaks Loose in Paradise," a story of teacher Virginia Franklin and a troubled school district.

Filmmakers & Stars
Paradise brings in the filmmakers and stars for...Robin Hood, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Gone With the Wind, Friendly Persuasion, Stolen Innocence, and Every Knee Shall Bow (a two-part mini-series).

Martial Arts Medal Winner
Paradise resident John Malone Jr. returned from the 1996 American Athletic Union's (AAU) National Championships with three medals in Martial Arts. Gold in Kabudo, Gold in Kata, and Bronze in Kumite. Malone, 36, has been training in the martial arts since age 8.

Hollywood Director/Actor
Hollywood director and Broadway actor Robert Gist retired to Paradise in 1992. He died in May 1998. His career included two Academy Award nominations, for acting in the films The Naked and the Dead and Al Capone, plus an Emmy Award for his television directing. Gist also starred as the Gentleman Caller in Tennesee Williams' Glass Menagerie on Broadway was a co-star in the 1959 comedy Operation Petticoat.

Round-the-World Bicycle Trip
Brian & Holly Gillespie who left Paradise on a round-the-world bicycle trip returned to Paradise September 30, 1997. They left Paradise January 1996, having traveled over 17,000 miles. Their first was a trip from Reno, Nevada to the tip of South America in 1993 for their Honeymoon.

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